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IIRAJ Technical Researchers Forum (ITRF) is a one of the top and well-known expert involvement preside over IIRAJ. It provides an opportunity for researchers to unite and develop solutions to common challenges to conducting research.

To enhance the technical revolt the research modernization in the world IIRAJ members can be a part of IIRAJ technical forum and can contribute for research improvement in fields of Engineering and Technology, Medical, Management. ITRF consists of leading professionals, academicians, practitioners, scholars, engineers and scientists of world working in field of science, medical, management, engineering and technology. ITRF has contributed in research development and advancement in India as well as over sea countries by upgrading and re-defining the sustainable growth of technology.

The forum invites application from professionals to be a member in it for global research collaboration and development in field of technology, academic as well as industries. Website has free access for all, but only members can add content to the website.

Dear Member,
Thank You for visiting this forum and becoming a part of this forum. Forums are about mutual discussion and knowledge sharing. We encourage you to post your questions, but do share your own knowledge, related to any topic of Science, Medical, Management, Engineering & Technology, writing a research paper tips, new or latest research work or answer questions of others members as well. We are a close knit Science & Technology community and information you share will be extremely helpful for other members too.


Recent Posts

Biometric in Education- A Growing Demand

Bio-metric technology is becoming increasingly more powerful and cost-effective, and it has been making inroads into education sector. Educational institutions recognize the threat of insecurity to their children and are starting to adopt biometric identification systems to protect the students under their care. A growing trend is that biometric access control devices are being used to grant ac..

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Companies should make safety training sessions Compulsory. Want to know Why?

Rapid globalization has brought along with it a lot of industry changes which are actually giving a visible boost to the global economy, helping it grow ‘fitter and fatter’ daily. There has been a considerable increase in the number of warehouses, factories, and high-end construction businesses, with umpteen, workers, contractors, and developers working in them. Hence the safety of all t..

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High Fat diet can damage your sense of smell

A high-fat diet can impact on the sense of smell, which during obesity could perpetuate poor dietary decision making. This is suggested by a recent study on a mouse model in the Journal of Neuroscience led by researchers in Florida State University.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in western nations, with for example 65% of Americans considered to be overweight or obese..

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Resveratrol in sufficient to explain ‘French Paradox’

There have been many studies attempting to explain the ‘French Paradox’, that is the relatively low incidence of heart disease in France, despite the high-fat diet consumed by many of its inhabitants. Some researchers had hypothesised that the effect may be explained by moderate consumption of red wine, which along with dark chocolate and berries contains a polyphenol called resveratrol. R..

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